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6 Week Prelicense Course

Meeting online and using Zoom

The First Step To Brokerage 
The 75 hour broker Prelicense course in North Carolina is established by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. It is a rigorous course designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to conduct themselves in real estate transactions. The intention of the course is to also prepare students for success on the real estate license final examination.

Entrance Requirements

A student must be 18 years old to enroll in the course. Please note that the course is very rigorous and requires strong reading comprehension and analytical skills. Math skills are also required.

Topics Include

Topics range from basic real property law to North Carolina Real Estate License Law. North Carolina Real Estate Commission Rules are also covered in the course.

Below is our suggested path to expedite your education and become a non-provisional broker.

Take the class

A passing grade for a 75 Hour 

Prelicense Course is required in order to get a letter of approval to take the state PSI Test

Background Checks

Background checks from the states you've held residence in the past seven years are required for approval to take the PSI Test. Do this ASAP to prevent delay before your test.

Take the PSI

A passing grade is required to obtain a real estate license.

Thomas Real Estate offers a tutoring service. Inquire for

PSI Review Sessions

Take Postlicense Courses

After getting your broker license, it's time to get your Postlicense education, consisting of 90 total hours from 3 required classes. See Poslicense classes below.

Should you start part time, full time, or continue classes first?

Real Estate

Licensing Requirements

Postlicensing Courses

Meeting online and using Zoom

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Have you already passed the PSI test, have an active license, and want to become a non-provisional broker in North Carolina? After passing the prelicense course and the PSI exam, your next step is to complete and pass  90 Hours of Postlicense Courses.

Three separate courses must be registered for separately. 

Entrance Requirements: Students who enroll in Postlicensing classes MUST have passed the prelicense course/PSI exams and possess a brokers license issued by the NCREC

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