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Success on the PSI Real Estate Exams

There is no doubt that the NC 75 hour broker prelicensing course is a difficult course and it is for a reason. A licensed real estate agent is responsible for the negotiation and care of legal contracts containing thousands of dollars of real property. Therefore, the licensed agent must pay attention to each and every detail on behalf of their clients. Each and every real estate transaction brings a set of challenges and the agent must pay attention to the details involved to meet the desires of their clients.

Once the NC 75 hour broker prelicensing course is passed, then next task to undertake for the student is passing the National and North Carolina Real Estate Exams that are administered by PSI. The North Carolina test one of the most difficult in the entire nation.

The PSI real estate exams consist of two different tests. The National section consists of 80 questions while the NC section consists of 40 questions. The tests are timed with the National section at 2.5 hours and the NC section at 1.5. In order to pass the National section a student must answer 57 of the 80 available questions correctly. In order to pass the North Carolina section, a student must answer 29 of the available 40 questions correctly.

Here are a few tips that CAN assure your success on the PSI real estate exams.

#1- TIME- The data shows that the sooner a student takes the PSI exams after finishing the prelicense course then the more likely chance they will have for passing BOTH tests on their first try. The Thomas School of Real Estate recommends scheduling your tests 2.5 to 3 weeks after finishing the prelicense course.

#2- DEDICATION OF STUDY TIME. To ensure success, a student MUST be dedicated to blocking a time each day for study leading up to the tests. The amount of time is unique for each student as we all have different learning styles.

#3- Break Up the Sections. The concepts to be tested in the National section should be studied ALONE as is true for the North Carolina section. Studying for both sections is not the best approach given the massive amount of information. This is also true for the math concepts.

#4- Practice Under Pressure. As a former athletic coach, I can tell you that nothing prepares your team better than practicing under real game like situations with a running clock! The purpose for this approach to testing is twofold. First, taking practice exams will also teach you HOW to take a test. Secondly, timing yourself places you under pressure and gives you confidence to succeed. Using practice exams while timing yourself is EXCELLENT preparation. The Thomas School of Real Estate gives each student in the prelicense course 180 questions each for BOTH the National and NC State exam to practice with for their PSI preparation.

The Thomas School of Real Estate takes pride in offering smaller virtual prelicensing courses. Having fewer students allows the instructor to help each student find their true learning style to help them achieve their success for earning a real estate license. I am a professional lifelong educator with 28 years of experience as teacher and can help students learn how to learn best.

Thank you/Brad Thomas-Owner/Instructor- Thomas School of Real Estate


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